Sunday, February 28, 2016

Please no more Teflon

Teflon pans contains PF0A which is a very doingerous chemical. Just think what goes into your food when you place your frying pan on fire in such a high temperature.

Please for your own safty and your children's, think about alternatives such as ceramics or stonedine which I know is expensive but it's worth it.

Do a search in the Internet and see how bad they are. These chemicals also attract fat in your body especially in women. They also have been found in breast milk which means babies receive PFOA easily through breast feeding. It may also cause earlu puberty for children due to mimicing estrogen property of these chemicals.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Unbelievable benefits of saffron

I read this article that amazed me. I remember when I was a child my mother used to tell me not to eat too much saffron because I would laugh without any reason. Now this article says that saffron is a good medicine for depression!

Traditionally we use saffron in different ways
We may mix a little saffron with tea. It has a nice smell and taste.
We also make rice with saffron.
Chicken also marinated in saffron and water for a few days and then you can grill or barbeque it.
We also pour saffron in cold water with just a little sugar, it is very refreshing.

Well depression is only one of its benefits. I have copied part of the article here:


"There are clinical trials conducted evaluating the efficacy of saffron in mild-to-moderate depression. The studies reported that saffron was more effective than placebo and at least equivalent to therapeutic doses of imipramine and fluoxetine. No significant differences were found in adverse effects in any of the studies.[12,13] As a dietary supplement, saffron extracts may PRevent retinal damage in rats and have a role in the treatment of ischemic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.[14] Anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities were reported from stigmas and petals of saffron.[15] Literature review showed that a decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduction in vascular damage were observed when hyper-lipidemic rabbits were treated by crocetin. Hypoxia at the vascular wall was also reduced.[16] However, in another study, 400 mg/day (for 7 days) of saffron showed no effect on the lipid profile of the healthy volunteers.[17] In addition, an anti-oxidant effect was observed in human platelets together with the inhibition of lipid peroxidation.[18] There is a report that reviewed the potential role of saffron extracts in cancer therapy.[19] However, saffron appears to be a selective cytotoxic plant but its mechanism is not clearly determined. Besides the above-mentioned activity, improvement of ethanol-impaired memory of mice, effects on learning behavior and neuronal cell death, and management of psoriasis were reported from C. sativus.[19,20,21] Saffron is generally not toxic when ingested in culinary amounts, but a lethal dose at 20 g and an abortifacient dose at 10 g have been indicated in the literature.[10] Adverse reactions such as rhino-conjunctivitis, bronchial asthma, cutaneous pruritus, and a case report of anaphylaxis have been existed.[10,22]"

Read the full article and order your saffron today.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Best Protein Shake After Workout

I really don't understand why people spend their money for protein powders that nobody knows how harmful they are. While there are natural options like Pea and hemp protein, why would you go for something full of chemicals and sugar!

This is my recipe after workout:

I bought a blender with single serve container:
1 apple
2 or 3 strawberry to have a nice flavour or any other fruit you like
Pea protein powder (50 percent protein)
Chia seed (full of antioxidant)
a mix of raw wulnut and almond
and water

Then blend and serve!

Now, you may say the amount of sugar in my recipe is the same as the rubbish protein powder. The answer is, because this mix is full of fiber, the sugar will take longer to be broken down and absorb so that your body consumes it rather than saving it.

The other benefit is that, you help the companies to produce more natural food and not artificial. Why? Because the process of making artificial food is much much cheaper than organic foods so they make money out of nothing and with less effort. Whereas those organic food companies require more agriculture and therefore you help farmers etc.

Think about it please.

if you're not tired then continue reading....

Another benefit is that, we don't know yet how these chemicals affect our genes. You may not notice any problem during your life or your children's life but who knows what disease or problems a number of generation later will face? Think about your children of children.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Illegal downloaing?

They call it illegal downloading or internet piracy.

Let's say it's illegal BUT do they really think we will buy those movies for such a ridiculously expensive price? Even people with above average salary won't do this.

Imagine  more than two hundred bucks for a TV series and then later it goes to your shelves and will never comes out. Yes it is reusable for hundreds times!

The thing is, every person involved in the process of making, producing, starring and marketing the movie ridiculously makes enough money out of it that illegal downloading doesn't really affect them!

It's just that they want more money and suck our blood. And yes, eventually when it's tax time, those businesses know how to evade paying tax legally!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4 |...

Watch this to understand how banks commit fraud on people... Please spread it... In summary the best way to stop this is to buy gold or silver

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Can we have free energy with quantum entanglement?

As we know the earth is moving/spinning very fast. This motion means that a huge amount of energy is behind it. Why we can't use it, I guess is because we are moving with it.
But what if we could use the energy of other planets or moving objects in our solar system?

If we could somehow grab the energy of say, Mars or Moon and transfer it here on earth, then no longer do we need to burn fuel. If we make two electrons entagnled and then throw one to the moon, it's movement forced by the moon will give us instant reaction for the other electron here.

This could be pure clean energy for every one! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Can we stop a cyclone?

I'm thinking... is there a way to stop a cyclone/typhoon?

maybe we can blow a bomb of some sort in the middle of cyclone! Maybe this bomb is a special bomb that produce heat to normalize the conditions inside the cyclone?!!

But I'm more interested in something amazing... Maybe we can build some weird-form structure... a huge floating structure, maybe 2 or 3 km across.. there is a cabin in middle of it to control or move it. Whenever a cyclone is forming, we can move this man made island to place it on the way of cyclone...
This cyclone devistator has hundreds of pipes to lead any stream to the other side of it and in the opposite direction.. so it actually devides a typhoon or cyclone into pieces and brakes it down. We can also put propellers inside the pipes to scatter the force of cyclone away...

I think it worths it to spend money on this than creating weapon to kill people!   

Saturday, December 8, 2012

What music do you listen?

Music is coming from the deepest layers of human brain.
What we think, believe or feel is actually converted into several sound waves, all in harmony.

Music therefore is very powerful means to affect minds because it produces the same wavelength, feelings, thoughts as the composer in the mind of listeners.

But there is an issue here! By listening to music, you or rather, your brain accepts it without any effort to logically analyze or criticize it. The result is very dangerous! You're brain frequency is in harmony with the song creator when he or she was composing it.

The outcome is that you will have and experience the same feelings, thought, believe etc.

This is even worst for children! As their brain is in training mode all the time and can be easily shaped based on whatever input is.

Now my question is, do you allow your children to watch movies that rated as M (not suitable for children under 18) ?

Do you allow your children to listen to any music? Then I have to say, this is even worst than watching a movie with violence, porn or sexual scenes.

There are many songs related to love and romance but the composers normally don't care about love! You can see what's happening in their private life! What they do care, is passion and money.

An enjoying song doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good song! Unfortunately we appreciate all of them as ART!

There are many other songs that encourage violence and we never notice about them!
If you know someone who is not reliable and trustworthy, you would be worry when they approach your children or even yourself, however, I don't see it as a danger since by speaking our brain can stop corrupted ideas from entering into our mind but with music we can't decide! In other word you're brainwashed!

Please think about this and think about your innocent children. 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why in religions eating animals is limited

As you may know in three major religions human is forbidden to eat all kind of animals and it has been limited to a rule of some sort.
Religious people may not wonder why and non-religious people may criticize it.

Here is why:

1. All the animals that allowed for human to be eaten are fed with vegetables. All predators or those that naturally may live or eat in filthy area is forbidden. Swine is an example. Even though farmers may keep them in a clean environment but this animal naturally eats and lives in dirty area. So the first reason is that these animal are not affected by blood or meat of other animals

2. If you look at nature, each animal is only feeding on a certain range of food. You can't find an animal that eats everything on earth! This is to keep the nature in its balanced cycle and is crucial for ecosystem. Other than that, all the creators would be now extinct. Now imagine human were also allowed to eat anything to begin with, There would be nothing on the earth! There are countries in the world that people there eat anything from dogs to snakes and from whales to worms. This is a real threat to nature, in particular if this was extended to the whole world.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

How effective/important is UN?

Poverty, inequality, war, terrorism, chaos, mind controlling/washing, racism and many other problems in the world are products of one thing and that is the nature of politics!

You can never stay clean once you involved in politics. It's the nature of politics.

Each country urged to protect and seek their interests. All the powers compete for natural resources in a mad way.  And the victims are people. Even though those in power are human just like us, but it seems it's not about them, it's politics that rules them.

So the question is how can we get rid of this nasty stain? The answer is simple:
One nation, One interest, One planet. I know even in this case, politics is still out there, but it wouldn't be as nasty as it is now.

Now the question is who is the eligible government to rule the world? Of course UN.

Unfortunately, UN is nothing more than a flag! Whatever has been done by UN towards humanity were so weak that we can't even feel it.

How we can make it effective and drive it towards the goal above?
Obviously it's not that simple but we need to start. We need to get good people out there to make their effort to make it happen.

I believe to start, UN should begin to recruite people from around the world. A kind of membership that finally will be ended to citizenship. Everybody can join and it can be even a very small fee.
To begin with, membership is just a simple card but then we can launch a voting system.

Believe me or not, I bet at least 90 percent of the world will join and those in power are not able to prevent this!

We need to move step by step and very slowly just like a baby who tries to walk. This is because we need to increase the capacity of human simultaneously.

Please think about this and spread this idea around the world.
Don't think that you or anyone else can't help to change the world.
We shouldn't sit down and wait for someone else to decide for us.
We shouldn't wait till someone come and make a peace around the world.
It's all depend on every single person on this planet.
And every single gift in our planet belongs to all of us equally.