Monday, April 23, 2007

Letter of Damn!

When you get angry and want to be pacified read this Letter of Damn and refresh your mind :))

damn the computer and all its stuff including the windows and its Start button and all its items and the message that appears when you install new software and damn all the icons placed on desktop from "My Computer" to "Recycle Bin" and the message that always notifies me the drive D: is in low space and also damn the time on the right with its words "PM" and the colon between hour and minute and even damn the keyboard that neither is a key nor a board!!! and also damn the caps lock and number lock and scroll lock and any other key that I forget to mention and damn the computer case with all its buttons and the CD Rom Drive and all the cables connect it to the electricity and the plug and the cables on the street and every alley, plaza, restaurant and the taxis and also damn the lights on the streets and every parking lot and the sidewalk including the footbridges and cross road and damn all desks whether at work or at home and its drawer and all cars and sedans and their gear box including hatch backs and even those 4 wheel drives and every traffic light with all its colors and damn the airplanes and its flaps and even damn the auto pilot and besides damn the carpets, chairs, mouse pads, pencils, mirrors, and any window that is open in the computer including all its menus and its caption and damn the "File" and "Help" menu items which you can see them in every window and damn each pixel on monitors despite of its color and damn the "Go" button in internet browsers that will not go anywhere if you press it and also damn on the button "x" which reminds an x-rated item but when you press it, the window will close and you should reopen it from scratch also damn the text boxes and all letters from A to Z and from a to z and also 0 to 9 and damn the mobile phones which you can carry it wherever you go but they are out of service when you need it and available when you don't need and also damn its battery and the message that appears just right you want to call someone and it says "low battery" and also damn all sms, msm, ssm, mms or mss and any other combination and damn the car's windscreen wipers which don't wipe until you wipe it by your hand and also damn all emails and inboxes and outboxes besides username and password and sign-in button and every "remember me" checkbox which never remember you and also damn all the fonts in computer which you can't choose one of them because they are too much and also damn any guitar and drum and spotlights and damn the brushes, locks, doors whether opened or closed, shoes including its laces and undergarments and spoons and forks and any kind of knife and also damn curtains, windows, glasses and frames and the close button that you can see on any window you open in the Windows and damn the nuclear power and each atom you find in it and apart from all of these damn the letters d, a, m and n which are frequently used in this writing.

uhhh, now I am relax and I can sleep well :))

Gray Cells

There is a sad story about the brain's cells.

The cells are connected to each other by the strings namely, Axon. When a cell being activated, it makes other cells that is in the network of the related information of that cell to be activated. And that is why we can remind information and find, create and understand new things. but the sad story is that if a cell not being activated for a long time, the axons will remove their connection to that cell and it will be isolated so there is no more connection to reach that cell and slowly it will demolish.

So, why you people don't engage your brain.
Why you dont think of the daily current affairs.
Dont be indifferent about the incidents happen around.
Stop thinking about worthless stuff.
Stop doing routine jobs.
Try to involve your cells as far as you can in your life and you will see what happens next.
Your brain will grow.

Do you know how the Alzheimer's disease comes to existence?

Good Luck

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Why great ambitions have been forgotten

Why do people think about worthless things

Why don't they engage their brain

Why only 5% of brain is being used

Why there is no breakthrough thinking

Why most of them are narrow-minded

Why do we neglect the importance of the fiction

Why don't we think of galaxies and stars

Why cant we trust each other

Why slogan "the more nimble you are, the more vigor you are" is right

Why do we go backward day by day

Why do we deprived from many gifts



Nothing to say
just, I can say Nothing
what the hell is this Nothing



Someday I was thinking of something at somewhere

But never knew that sometime something bizarre will happen

Now some of my ideas have been gone and some other have been changed

Some people may think I am awesome and can not understand troublesome life

It was someone could take me higher and save me by saving its own

But who knows the future

I am quite stuck from this tiresome stream

So far so bad, let's see subsequents

I am detested of this damned SOME

What the hell is this? What kind of other SOME will show up

No matter, who knows what the SOME is!!! haa

if only

if only no one could speak for one month

if only I could cry up to ending the life

if only there was no one to think about

if only some things were not being seen

if only I were not in such predicament

if only some facts were easy to being told

if only you knew someone to complain

if only it was a guy around who realize you

if only my time being spent not for these words to be written


sometimes I really fed up
feeling smaller than a bit
tumbling down a rabbit hole
the only thing I like is to sleep
sleep and sleep and sleep
just like Alice in wonderland, a dream journey
a princess in a jungle waits there
kisses my mouth
I feel I am light, very light
but no, no no no
I want to wake up
no more dream
I have to struggle with life
and pass through the huge waves
toiling up the mountains
reach the summit
where is that princess?
I need it for now
kissing works at these times