Thursday, September 27, 2007


Brain, the most complex part of our body.
I really impressed by this part,
the more things I learn about it, the more perception of our life and the way we are living I get.

I think nobody will know himself and his life unless he knows his mind almost very well.
so what are you waiting for? It is unfair not to realize how your brain works whereas you are alive due to its infinite and complicated job.

Friday, September 7, 2007

human and animal

What is the difference between human and animals? so everyone may say brain, ok accepted but what difference their brain have? you likely would say that we are very intelligent and our brain are too smart! but scientists have found that chimpanzees are really smart as well. they can find the way in a maze very fast even faster than us, furthermore, they may find better way than a human!! so why they are animal and we are human?
you may say we can speak but they can't. but scientists could learn some chimpanzees many words and they could understand what the scientists tell them as well as reading something from a paper!!!

yes they can. but the big difference is that we can schedule for the future and devise a plan to achieve our aim even we reach them say, 10 years later, but chimpanzees can do it for only for 2 or 3 weeks...

so hope to the future and trying to achieve our aim within years is the main issue of distinction between human and animals

I want to say that, if someone has no aim in his/her life he/she is really squandering the time and life

and about language, yes, however, they can comprehend many words but the range of words they can learn is really small, maybe 300 words!!!

but our brain specialized to process words and understand them and each word will be stored in a particular area of the brain which differs from person to person. our brain can do a really complicated process on language.

so try to speak well and talk in a good manner ;)

Thursday, September 6, 2007


now, I'm home, at my computer and roaming inside the internet, from this search engine to that one and from a website to another, from this email box to second one and from left to right and right to left, upside down, click on the links and open them in new tab, then search for an picture with random names and .... and and ..... I don't know what I am looking for!!!
I don't like neither get out of internet nor surfing anymore. so what shall I do :(

I'm confused !!!

whose face?

Do you know whose face is this? --> :-)

think a little please, well, I'm not sure but I think I've seen it somewhere, .... perhaps in a TV show, or he might be an actor, ... oh sorry, who knows! maybe an actress ... oh., my friend says he is Hitler, ... oh no, that's funny, he's not, because of he had something above his lips ;) yes I mean his mustache.

ummm... yes I can remember someone told me that this is the face of Joe Miger, I don't know who this is but he told me Joe is a great actor that performs many roles in his life

in my opinion, it is the face of someone who found a large number of money on the ground while he was going to work. yes, I'm right, no I'm sure. what do you think?