Saturday, December 8, 2012

What music do you listen?

Music is coming from the deepest layers of human brain.
What we think, believe or feel is actually converted into several sound waves, all in harmony.

Music therefore is very powerful means to affect minds because it produces the same wavelength, feelings, thoughts as the composer in the mind of listeners.

But there is an issue here! By listening to music, you or rather, your brain accepts it without any effort to logically analyze or criticize it. The result is very dangerous! You're brain frequency is in harmony with the song creator when he or she was composing it.

The outcome is that you will have and experience the same feelings, thought, believe etc.

This is even worst for children! As their brain is in training mode all the time and can be easily shaped based on whatever input is.

Now my question is, do you allow your children to watch movies that rated as M (not suitable for children under 18) ?

Do you allow your children to listen to any music? Then I have to say, this is even worst than watching a movie with violence, porn or sexual scenes.

There are many songs related to love and romance but the composers normally don't care about love! You can see what's happening in their private life! What they do care, is passion and money.

An enjoying song doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good song! Unfortunately we appreciate all of them as ART!

There are many other songs that encourage violence and we never notice about them!
If you know someone who is not reliable and trustworthy, you would be worry when they approach your children or even yourself, however, I don't see it as a danger since by speaking our brain can stop corrupted ideas from entering into our mind but with music we can't decide! In other word you're brainwashed!

Please think about this and think about your innocent children. 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why in religions eating animals is limited

As you may know in three major religions human is forbidden to eat all kind of animals and it has been limited to a rule of some sort.
Religious people may not wonder why and non-religious people may criticize it.

Here is why:

1. All the animals that allowed for human to be eaten are fed with vegetables. All predators or those that naturally may live or eat in filthy area is forbidden. Swine is an example. Even though farmers may keep them in a clean environment but this animal naturally eats and lives in dirty area. So the first reason is that these animal are not affected by blood or meat of other animals

2. If you look at nature, each animal is only feeding on a certain range of food. You can't find an animal that eats everything on earth! This is to keep the nature in its balanced cycle and is crucial for ecosystem. Other than that, all the creators would be now extinct. Now imagine human were also allowed to eat anything to begin with, There would be nothing on the earth! There are countries in the world that people there eat anything from dogs to snakes and from whales to worms. This is a real threat to nature, in particular if this was extended to the whole world.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

How effective/important is UN?

Poverty, inequality, war, terrorism, chaos, mind controlling/washing, racism and many other problems in the world are products of one thing and that is the nature of politics!

You can never stay clean once you involved in politics. It's the nature of politics.

Each country urged to protect and seek their interests. All the powers compete for natural resources in a mad way.  And the victims are people. Even though those in power are human just like us, but it seems it's not about them, it's politics that rules them.

So the question is how can we get rid of this nasty stain? The answer is simple:
One nation, One interest, One planet. I know even in this case, politics is still out there, but it wouldn't be as nasty as it is now.

Now the question is who is the eligible government to rule the world? Of course UN.

Unfortunately, UN is nothing more than a flag! Whatever has been done by UN towards humanity were so weak that we can't even feel it.

How we can make it effective and drive it towards the goal above?
Obviously it's not that simple but we need to start. We need to get good people out there to make their effort to make it happen.

I believe to start, UN should begin to recruite people from around the world. A kind of membership that finally will be ended to citizenship. Everybody can join and it can be even a very small fee.
To begin with, membership is just a simple card but then we can launch a voting system.

Believe me or not, I bet at least 90 percent of the world will join and those in power are not able to prevent this!

We need to move step by step and very slowly just like a baby who tries to walk. This is because we need to increase the capacity of human simultaneously.

Please think about this and spread this idea around the world.
Don't think that you or anyone else can't help to change the world.
We shouldn't sit down and wait for someone else to decide for us.
We shouldn't wait till someone come and make a peace around the world.
It's all depend on every single person on this planet.
And every single gift in our planet belongs to all of us equally.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hardships of Life

Here is a list of hardships that human suffers during their life:

While eating:
  • Eating honey
  • Peeling orange, kiwi, potato
  • Eating nuts, almond, pistachio etc
  • Banana is easy to peel and no need to wash but it's breath taking :| 
  • Collecting plates and cutleries after eating

Around house:
  • Ironing - Terrible!
  • Wearing tie
  • Tying/Untying shoe lace
  • Putting dishes in dishwasher
  • Putting things away and in fridge after shopping
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Watering flowers - Probably that's why every flower I get dies very soon!
  • Tooth flossing!
  • Paying home rent!
  • Hanging washed clothes on the rope
  • Doing up your bed

In car:
  • Filling the tank
  • Dropping car at service centre
  • Filling tires
  • Shifting to first gear! - I normally drive off with second gear
  • Reversing
  • Taking car to car wash
  • Changing the playing CD when you're tired of its song

  • Going to ticket booth at bus or train stations
  • Walking from home to station
  • Calling your GP for an appointment
  • Giving up your seat to elder people or pregnant women
  • Trying cloth, trousers in particular, while buying
  • Collecting your stuff after having picnic or a BBQ
  • Opening camera tripod and folding it!
  • Booking accommodations, flight tickets etc.
  • Leaving the lift when you get to your floor
  • Starting to walk when you get to the other end of escalators
  • Basically starting to move when you're stopped or stopping while you're moving :|
  • Applying sunscreen.

 P.S.: This list is not complete.

Friday, October 5, 2012

I want...

I want to settle down
I don't want to play this game anymore
I don't want to be careful about what I say and what I do
I want to be myself
I want to feel like others
I want to plan my journey without worry
I want to get rid of these things from my mind
I want to not to think about it any longer
I want to break the wall rather than building it every day
My wall is about completion!


I don't like when people leave their seat before the train or bus gets to station and they make everyone moves. Sit and relax, don't worry you won't miss your stop!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Death Penalty, Bring it back!

What is a fair judge? That is whatever you did to a person and you face the same loss in return.
If someone deprives a person from living why they punished to spend a couple of years in jail and then free to go!

Jail cannot bring back the life of the victim.
The victim had right to live like every one else.
Only manslaughter could be forgiven but murdering not!
Bring back safety to our streets and cities by bringing back death penalty.

The sad story is that, most of the killers later will be proved to be mentally ill so there is a reduce in their penalty, of course they have problem in their dirty mind. Stop making up excuses for every crime to evade justice!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Suggestion To Interior Designers for Better Public Health

It's simple and cheap but effective for our health!

In any non-residential buildings, men's toilets have two sections, standing and seats. Many people don't like to urinate in standing section because they feel uncomfortable to be seen so they go to the toilet bowl which is in a cubicle and they lift the seat. But no matter how careful you are there will be urine drops around. This is not only disgusting for many people but also not hygienic.

The solution is very simple! If interior designers partition off those standing sections then those people will no longer hesitate going to the seats! For a commercial or a public building with thousands of dollars as its cost, a small partition is nothing! Please consider this small changes and spread to other designers to become a trend... so we will have a better and hygienic world :)

Thank you so much!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The most effective and fastest way to lose weight

Here is the best way to lose weight. With this, I lost nealy 10kg within just 2 months.

In this way, you may eat whatever you like and you don't have to worry about the food you're eating.

In this method, all you need to do is worrying about the future and crying for the past. You need to think about every sad moment happened in your life or if there isn't any just try to feel down for everything happens. That's it.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our life is a Psychopathic life?

This script is from a video in

I suggest you to watch this video or read this script as it is not only interesting but there are lessons.

We shouldn't judge people by their behaviour, every one has a reason for their act. Who knows in someone else's situation what they would react? Also, one may make a mistake, to err is human!

The other interesting thing which I really believe in is the wrong way that we human are taking in our path to the future. It forces us to act psychopatic. However, I don't like to use this term. We are going to isolate our inner self more and more and act in a more pretending way.

This story starts:

I was at a friend's house, and she had on her shelf a copy of the DSM manual, which is the manual of mental disorders. It lists every known mental disorder. And it used to be, back in the '50s, a very slim pamphlet. And then it got bigger and bigger and bigger, and now it's 886 pages long. And it lists currently 374 mental disorders.
So I was leafing through it, wondering if I had any mental disorders, and it turns out I've got 12.  I've got generalized anxiety disorder, which is a given. I've got nightmare disorder, which is categorized if you have recurrent dreams of being pursued or declared a failure -- and all my dreams involve people chasing me down the street going, "You're a failure."  I've got parent-child relational problems, which I blame my parents for.  I'm kidding. I'm not kidding. I'm kidding. And I've got malingering. And I think it's actually quite rare to have both malingering and generalized anxiety disorder, because malingering tends to make me feel very anxious.
Anyway I was looking through this book, wondering if I was much crazier than I thought I was, or maybe it's not a good idea to diagnose yourself with a mental disorder if you're not a trained professional, or maybe the psychiatry profession has a strange desire to label what's essentially normal human behavior as a mental disorder. I didn't know which of these things was true, but I thought it was kind of interesting. And I thought maybe I should meet a critic of psychiatry to get their view. Which is how I ended up having lunch with the Scientologists.
It was a man called Brian who runs a crack team of Scientologists who are determined to destroy psychiatry wherever it lies. They're called the CCHR. And I said to him, "Can you prove to me that psychiatry is a pseudo-science that can't be trusted?" And he said, "Yes, we can prove it to you." And I said, "How?" And he said, "We're going to introduce you to Tony." And I said, "Who's Tony?" And he said, "Tony's in Broadmoor." Now Broadmoor is Broadmoor Hospital. It used to be known as the Broadmoor Asylum for the Criminally Insane. It's where they send the serial killers and the people who can't help themselves. And I said to Brian, "What did Tony do?" And he said, "Hardly anything. He beat someone up or something, and he decided to fake madness to get out of a prison sentence. But he faked it too well, and now he's stuck in Broadmoor and nobody will believe he's sane. Do you want us to try and get you into Broadmoor to meet Tony?" So I said, "Yes, please."
So I got the train to Broadmoor. I began to yawn uncontrollably around Kempton Park, which apparently is what dogs also do when anxious -- they yawn uncontrollably. And we got to Broadmoor. And I got taken through gate after gate after gate after gate into the wellness center, which is where you get to meet the patients. It looks like a giant Hampton Inn. It's all peach and pine and calming colors. And the only bold colors are the reds of the panic buttons. And the patients started drifting in. And they were quite overweight and wearing sweatpants and quite docile looking. And Brian the Scientologist whispered to me, "They're medicated," which to the Scientologists is like the worst evil in the world, but I'm thinking it's probably a good idea.
And then Brian said, "Here's Tony." And a man was walking in. And he wasn't overweight, he was in very good physical shape. And he wasn't wearing sweatpants, he was wearing a pinstriped suit. And he had his arm outstretched like someone out of The Apprentice. He looked like a man who wanted to wear an outfit that would convince me that he was very sane.
And he sat down. And I said, "So is it true that you faked your way in here?" And he said, "Yep. Yep. Absolutely. I beat someone up when I was 17. And I was in prison awaiting trial, and my cellmate said to me, 'You know what you have to do? Fake madness. Tell them you're mad. You'll get sent to some cushy hospital. Nurses will bring you pizzas. You'll have your own Playstation.'" So I said, "Well how did you do it?" He said, "I asked to see the prison psychiatrist. And I'd just seen a film called 'Crash' in which people get sexual pleasure from crashing cars into walls. So I said to the psychiatrist, 'I get sexual pleasure from crashing cars into walls.'" And I said, "What else?" He said, "Oh, yeah. I told the psychiatrist that I wanted to watch women as they died because it would make me feel more normal." And I said, "Where'd you get that from?" He said, "Oh, from a biography of Ted Bundy that they had at the prison library."
Anyway he faked madness too well, he said. And they didn't send him to some cushy hospital. They sent him to Broadmoor. And the minute he got there, he said he took one look at the place, asked to see the psychiatrist, said, "There's been a terrible misunderstanding. I'm not mentally ill." I said, "How long have you been here for?" He said, "Well, if I'd just done my time in prison for the original crime, I'd have got five years. I've been in Broadmoor for 12 years."
Tony said that it's a lot harder to convince people you're sane than it is to convince them you're crazy. He said, "I thought the best way to seem normal would be to talk to people normally about normal things like football or what's on TV. I subscribe to New Scientist, and recently it had an article about how the U.S. Army was training bumblebees to sniff out explosives. So I said to a nurse, 'Did you know that the U.S. army is training bumblebees to sniff out explosives?' When I read my medical notes, I saw they'd written: 'Believes bees can sniff out explosives.'" He said, "You know, they're always looking out for non-verbal clues to my mental state. But how do you sit in a sane way? How do you cross your legs in a sane way? It's just impossible." And when Tony said that to me, I thought to myself, "Am I sitting like a journalist? Am I crossing my legs like a journalist?"
He said, "You know, I've got the Stockwell Strangler on one side of me and I've got the 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips' rapist on the other side of me. So I tend to stay in my room a lot because I find them quite frightening. And they take that as a sign of madness. They say it proves that I'm aloof and grandiose." So only in Broadmoor would not wanting to hang out with serial killers be a sign of madness. Anyway he seemed completely normal to me -- but what did I know?
And when I got home I emailed his clinician, Anthony Maden. I said, "What's the story?" And he said, "Yep. We accept that Tony faked madness to get out of a prison sentence because his hallucinations that had seemed quite cliché to begin with just vanished the minute he got to Broadmoor. However, we have assessed him. And we have determined that what he is is a psychopath." And in fact, faking madness is exactly the kind of cunning and manipulative act of a psychopath. It's on the checklist: cunning and manipulative. So faking your brain going wrong is evidence that your brain has gone wrong. And I spoke to other experts, and they said the pinstriped suit -- classic psychopath. Speaks to items one and two on the checklist -- glibness, superficial charm and grandiose sense of self-worth. And I said, "Well, what, he didn't want to hang out with the other patients?" Classic psychopath -- it speaks to grandiosity and also lack of empathy. So all the things that had seemed most normal about Tony was evidence, according to his clinician, that he was mad in this new way. He was a psychopath.
And his clinician said to me, "If you want to know more about psychopaths, you can go on a psychopath spotting course run by Robert Hare who invented the psychopath checklist." So I did. I went on a psychopath spotting course, and I am now a certified -- and I have to say, extremely adept -- psychopath spotter.
So here's the statistics: One in a hundred regular people is a psychopath. So there's 1,500 people in his room. Fifteen of you are psychopaths. Although that figure rises to four percent of CEO's and business leaders. So I think there's a very good chance there's about 30 or 40 psychopaths in this room. It could be carnage by the end of the night.

Hare said the reason why is because capitalism at its most ruthless rewards psychopathic behavior -- the lack of empathy, the glibness, cunning, manipulative. In fact, capitalism, perhaps at its most remorseless, is a physical manifestation of psychopathy. It's like a form of psychopathy that's come down to affect us all. And Hare said to me, "You know what? Forget about some guy at Broadmoor who may or may not have faked madness. Who cares? That's not a big story. The big story," he said, "is corporate psychopathy. You want to go and interview yourself some corporate psychopaths."
So I gave it a try. I wrote to the Enron people. I said, "Could I come and interview you in prison to find out it you're psychopaths?" And they didn't reply. So I changed tack. I emailed "Chainsaw Al" Dunlap, the asset stripper from the 1990s. He would come into failing businesses and close down 30 percent of the workforce, just turn American towns into ghost towns. And I emailed him and I said, "I believe you may have a very special brain anomaly that makes you special and interested in the predatory spirit and fearless. Can I come and interview you about your special brain anomaly?" And he said, "Come on over."
So I went to Al Dunlap's grand Florida mansion that was filled with sculptures of predatory animals. There were lions and tigers. He was taking me through the garden. There were falcons and eagles. He was saying to me, "Over there you've got sharks." He was saying this in a less effeminate way. "You've got more sharks and you've got tigers." It was like Narnia.
And then we went into his kitchen. Now Al Dunlap would be brought in to save failing companies. He'd close down 30 percent of the workforce. And he'd quite often fire people with a joke. For instance, one famous story about him, somebody came up to him and said, "I've just bought myself a new car." And he said, "You may have a new car, but I'll tell you what you don't have, a job."
So in his kitchen -- he was standing there with his wife, Judy, and his bodyguard Sean -- and I said, "You know how I said in my email that you might have a special brain anomaly that makes you special?" He said, "Yeah, it's an amazing theory. It's like Star Trek. You're going where no man has gone before." And I said, "Well, some psychologists might say that this makes you ... " And he said, "What?" And I said, "A psychopath." And I said, "I've got a list of psychopathic traits in my pocket. Can I go through them with you?"
And he looked intrigued despite himself, and he said, "Okay, go on." And I said, "Okay. Grandiose sense of self-worth." Which, I have to say, would have been hard for him to deny because he was standing underneath a giant oil painting of himself.  He said, "Well, you've got to believe in you!" And I said, "Manipulative." He said, "That's leadership." And I said, "Shallow affect: an inability to experience a range of emotions." He said, "Who wants to be weighed down by some nonsense emotions?" So he was going down the psychopathic checklist, basically turning it into "Who Moved My Cheese?"

But I did notice something happening to me the day I was with Al Dunlap. Whenever he said anything to me that was kind of normal -- like he said no to juvenile delinquency. He said he got accepted into West Point, and they don't let delinquents in West Point. He said no to many short-term marital relationships. He's only ever been married twice. Admittedly, his first wife cited in her divorce papers that he once threatened her with a knife and said he always wondered what human flesh tasted like, but people say stupid things to each other in bad marriages in the heat of an argument and his second marriage has lasted 41 years. So whenever he said anything to me that just seemed kind of non-psychopathic, I thought to myself, well I'm not going to put that in my book. And then I realized that becoming a psychopath spotter had turned me a little bit psychopathic. Because I was desperate to shove him in a box marked psychopath. I was desperate to define him by his maddest edges.
And I realized, oh my God. This is what I've been doing for 20 years. It's what all journalists do. We travel across the world with our notepads in our hands, and we wait for the gems. And the gems are always the outermost aspects of our interviewee's personality. And we stitch them together like medieval monks. And we leave the normal stuff on the floor. And this is a country that over-diagnoses certain mental disorders hugely. Childhood bipolar -- children as young as four are being labeled bipolar because they have temper tantrums, which scores them high on their bipolar checklist.
When I got back to London, Tony phoned me. He said, "Why haven't you been returning my calls?" I said, "Well they say that you're a psychopath." And he said, "I'm not a psychopath." He said, "You know what, one of the items on the checklist is lack of remorse, but another item on the checklist is cunning, manipulative. So when you say you feel remorse for your crime, they say, 'Typical of the psychopath to cunningly say he feels remorse when he doesn't.' It's like witchcraft. They turn everything upside-down." He said, "I've got a tribunal coming up. Will you come to it?" So I said okay.
So I went to his tribunal. And after 14 years in Broadmoor, they let him go. They decided that he shouldn't be held indefinitely because he scores high on a checklist that might mean that he would have a greater than average chance of recidivism. So they let him go. And outside in the corridor he said to me, "You know what, Jon? Everyone's a bit psychopathic." He said, "You are. I am. Well obviously I am." I said, "What are you going to do now?" He said, "I'm going to go to Belgium because there's a woman there that I fancy. But she's married, so I'm going to have to get her split up from her husband."
Anyway, that was two years ago, and that's where my book ended. And for the last 20 months everything was fine. Nothing bad happened. He was living with a girl outside London. He was, according to Brian the Scientologist, making up for lost time -- which I know sounds ominous, but isn't necessarily ominous. Unfortunately, after 20 months, he did go back to jail for a month. He got into a fracas in a bar, he called it -- ended up going to jail for a month, which I know is bad, but at least a month implies that whatever the fracas was, it wasn't too bad.
And then he phoned me. And you know what, I think it's right that Tony is out. Because you shouldn't define people by their maddest edges. And what Tony is, is he's a semi-psychopath. He's a gray area in a world that doesn't like gray areas. But the gray areas are where you find the complexity, it's where you find the humanity and it's where you find the truth. And Tony said to me, "Jon, could I buy you a drink in a bar? I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me." And I didn't go. What would you have done?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Art and Future

Art is what is new to public mind.

Imagine there is a beautiful lake, a photographer goes and takes a photo from a different angle. This photo would be considered as an artistic photograph between those in photography community. Now if hundreds of people go and take a photo from the same or similar angle, after a while nobody would be very excited by that image unless someone else take another different angle.

Art is always in transition. First it appears in a mind then it becomes visible to all then it spreads across the world. Once it becomes popular then it's no longer useful and impressive. It will appear in another mind and in different way or form.

Unfortunately art is becoming out of control. Now we are losing the sense of discerning good and bad art. Every new thing is considered as art and is allowed to be spread in society with permission of art.

if you see someone someone who is self-harming, you may feel not good and you don't want that to be seen in the society you live in but the same scene as a photograph is considered as an art and nobody complains!

These sort of arts are growing every day and the reason for that, I personally believe is growing of disbelif. 

We may lose the sense of discerning good or bad art not because of technology and availability of it but because of loosing human morality, belief and or being doubtful about our life.

If new generation grow up in a society in which no belief is existed, then their mind will be poisoned they are living a useless life, unfortunately I can see the signs. Every often I see those arts representing self-harming or full of violent and blood...Of course, I don't mean those arts that tries to criticise something or explaining a difficulty, disease and etc and that's appreciated.

Be careful about a life without disbelieving... Just think for a couple of minute and see what would happen in a world that nobody knows god and nobody cares about being punished or rewarded by their behaviour in their life! What kind of world would it be?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

No title!

Sometimes the resultant vector of what happened in the past points to a direction that has only one side effect and that is seeing objects fluctuated in water!


Thousands of millions years ago a number sub atomic particles decided to have fun so they said let's stick together to create a cell.... later those cells realized it's hard to live as cell... They followed the same rule and they gathered to make some organs.

That didn't stop. The organs became some strange creatures. From those creatures, some started to jump for the next hundred of thousands years in the hope of making some wings to fly!!
Once they achieved this goal, they spread across the world to do something similar so perhaps they can have colorful wings.

Some other creatures chose water and for thousands of years they have been shaking their body so that one day they can swim!!

This story continued until some animals decided to stay on their feet. I don't know why, like birds, they didn't try to jump instead, so that now we could fly easily!!!

Now, for thousands of years there was no evolution at all and all the animals remained the same as they used to be!!!! Only some were removed from the earth. 

All these happened in an amazingly super special situation. If planet earth was a bit closer or farther from the Sun, or the angle of earth's tilt on its axis was different, or water-rich meteorites didn't hit our planet accidentally and a hundred of other incidents had not been taken place, those sub atomic particles would not think about having fun!

Evolution is true but not as we think it is...

Be fair, our knowledge is less than a percent

Another unreasonable shooting and killing innocents

I know everybody''s gonna attack me on this but like it or not, these sort of violence and weird behaviours, usually from young people, is the result of disbelief in God.

The reason why it is still a good planet to live, is that still many people bilieve in God and most of those who don't believe still have a background of faith.

You may say religious people do terrorist attack as well. I say those attacks are political not religious!

The world without believing in God, which unfortunately we're going towards it, would be a terrible place in which a person only thinks about him/herself and nobody cares about anyone else.

Even a very restrictive law can't prevent this.

Good luck!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A total answer to why we are living in this life

I've seen many people who asked this question. Even those who are religious have this question in mind as a big strange puzzle.

Everybody in this world has heard that we are here to experience the life and in the after life we either go to hell or heaven** based on what we did. But nobody knows why? Why do we need to be tested? Why do we have to experience this hardship and finally be punished or rewarded? What's the philosophy behind that?

The answer is in the story of Adam and Eve which is as old as human history. I don't care whether this story is true or just made up but I can see how tricky it is answering this question.

I know you all know this story but bear with me and read it just one more time.

"God created human and asked Lucifer who was one of his closest servants for a long time to respect and bow down in front of Adam as a human. Lucifer rejected. God said: What made you not to follow my order? He replied I am better. You made him from soil but I am from fire. God said: Go out of this holy place that you are so arrogant. Lucifer, realized the reason of asking to do so by God so he asked God to give him time so that he can pervert all human"

Now, God knew that Lucifer is so arrogant and he is not serving him sincerely. But can anybody judge a person for something he or she never did? He actually wanted to show Lucifer that he is not what he pretend. God could easily leave human free but all these things we are going through in our life is for one thing: Every person experiences those situations in which he or she is capable of swerving from the right way and because we have free will it's our choice which way to take, this is the best way to judge people as everything from their mind are disclosed during their life.

The question is why did he not created us all good hearted from the beginning?
The answer is, then free will which is the beauty of human would have no meaning in that case. Free will means you choose to sacrifice your money when you see a person is hungry and they can't afford their food. It doesn't mean you are free to do anything you like at enjoy to the most!

** Heaven or hell, I believe are in this earth rather than somewhere in the sky as many people think! It's the way you choose that makes your life a heaven or a hell.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Better Life

Now we have experienced communism, capitalism and social democracy. As you see neither of them helps.
Social democracy seems the best option but I think it's just helping capitalism!

Anyway, I don't want to criticize any of these theories and I don't know in detail about them but as I see in the world we have a class which is very rich and a class, very poor and a class in between sacrificing their life and fading themselves into hard work!

On of the most important aspect of all these movements is encouraging people and enterprises to progress technologically and create a competition. What we see in reality is a really unreasonably-fast-growing technology and science and virtual unnecessary needs and and a unhealthy competition.

If you ask anyone whether progressing in technology is good or not, definitely the answer is yes but no one asks in what price?!
Having a new iPad with faster response time than a previous version is good but is it really necessary to spend money, resources and time while we have a lot of other priorities and there are many lives in danger?!
When you go to giant super markets you see more than ten different brands of cereals, more than 30 different brands of Jams, butters, drinks etc all of which are pretty much the same!

I believe even progress should be controlled. We rush for latest technology but we are sacrificing our life, our time and all the good aspects of our life. People are working very hard, companies are thinking about money and as result, a group of people struggling their life and expenses while another group don't know how to spend their money!

In the other hand, these companies create virtual unnecessary needs for people. We could still survive if our mobile phone had no camera or touch pad!

What I am trying to say is that these features are good but it should happens in right time when the capacity for technology is achieved, when we already made sure that our community and people are safe and in healthy state and in welfare.

Our social scientists should devise a fair new modern theory to escalate all these problems. We may need to combine all other thoughts together. We may need to put a restriction on incomes. Perhaps a variable peak amount of income could save the world. This maximum amount should be based on many factors to ensure that incentives, prosperity, technological advance and people welfare are in equal and fair state.    

Some may disagree that this restriction will result in reducing incentives but I believe it helps to control the advancement of technology reasonably and prevents from consuming the resources greedily. Also one cannot stop producing if they reach the maximum amount because they still need it to proceed. Instead they delay their work so that other rivals reach them, then a new competition is to be ignited.

The other benefit is that workers are no longer victim of corporate greeds and they are not in pressure anymore. In the other hand, excessive achieved income can be spend on public services and amenities. We can use the excessive income to invest to produce new opportunities for those poor in need people.

To sum up, I am sure that there would be a better idea and methodology to create a better world with equally shared resources and facilities and the result is a very happy community in which people are much more satisfied with their life.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who is extremist?

As per Wikipedia:
"Extremism is any ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards. In democraticsocieties, individuals or groups that advocate the replacement of democracy with an authoritarian regime are usually branded extremists, in authoritarian societies the opposite applies"
But in reality each time this word is heard, our mind thinks of a religious person who believes and acts unreasonably based on their belief. However, I think this is true about those people who don't believe in anything like religion. I believe that this is unreasonable as well. Those atheists who strongly insist on their belief are extremists too. Whatever explanation they bring to prove that god doesn't exist is still subjective and based on a number of theories. For example in the Evolution Theory, there are still many facts that have not yet been proved.

All I am trying to say is that we should think out of the box and look at any question objectively rather than repeating whatever the others said. Generally speaking, Why do we think that scientists know everything? I don't want to attack to any person in this post, however, unfortunately some of them are stating their opinion as if no question has left unanswered and everything is proved and they know all the facts! Sometimes I am really surprised by their explanations!