Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Best Protein Shake After Workout

I really don't understand why people spend their money for protein powders that nobody knows how harmful they are. While there are natural options like Pea and hemp protein, why would you go for something full of chemicals and sugar!

This is my recipe after workout:

I bought a blender with single serve container:
1 apple
2 or 3 strawberry to have a nice flavour or any other fruit you like
Pea protein powder (50 percent protein)
Chia seed (full of antioxidant)
a mix of raw wulnut and almond
and water

Then blend and serve!

Now, you may say the amount of sugar in my recipe is the same as the rubbish protein powder. The answer is, because this mix is full of fiber, the sugar will take longer to be broken down and absorb so that your body consumes it rather than saving it.

The other benefit is that, you help the companies to produce more natural food and not artificial. Why? Because the process of making artificial food is much much cheaper than organic foods so they make money out of nothing and with less effort. Whereas those organic food companies require more agriculture and therefore you help farmers etc.

Think about it please.

if you're not tired then continue reading....

Another benefit is that, we don't know yet how these chemicals affect our genes. You may not notice any problem during your life or your children's life but who knows what disease or problems a number of generation later will face? Think about your children of children.