Thursday, September 6, 2007

whose face?

Do you know whose face is this? --> :-)

think a little please, well, I'm not sure but I think I've seen it somewhere, .... perhaps in a TV show, or he might be an actor, ... oh sorry, who knows! maybe an actress ... oh., my friend says he is Hitler, ... oh no, that's funny, he's not, because of he had something above his lips ;) yes I mean his mustache.

ummm... yes I can remember someone told me that this is the face of Joe Miger, I don't know who this is but he told me Joe is a great actor that performs many roles in his life

in my opinion, it is the face of someone who found a large number of money on the ground while he was going to work. yes, I'm right, no I'm sure. what do you think?


Matthew said...

i guess the friends of yours are right
he is HITLER
who shaved his mustache : )

H-ye nafar

Mohammad Norouzi said...

he's not my friend he was my friend ;) who was always annoying me!