Saturday, July 21, 2012


Thousands of millions years ago a number sub atomic particles decided to have fun so they said let's stick together to create a cell.... later those cells realized it's hard to live as cell... They followed the same rule and they gathered to make some organs.

That didn't stop. The organs became some strange creatures. From those creatures, some started to jump for the next hundred of thousands years in the hope of making some wings to fly!!
Once they achieved this goal, they spread across the world to do something similar so perhaps they can have colorful wings.

Some other creatures chose water and for thousands of years they have been shaking their body so that one day they can swim!!

This story continued until some animals decided to stay on their feet. I don't know why, like birds, they didn't try to jump instead, so that now we could fly easily!!!

Now, for thousands of years there was no evolution at all and all the animals remained the same as they used to be!!!! Only some were removed from the earth. 

All these happened in an amazingly super special situation. If planet earth was a bit closer or farther from the Sun, or the angle of earth's tilt on its axis was different, or water-rich meteorites didn't hit our planet accidentally and a hundred of other incidents had not been taken place, those sub atomic particles would not think about having fun!

Evolution is true but not as we think it is...

Be fair, our knowledge is less than a percent

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