Sunday, August 5, 2012

Art and Future

Art is what is new to public mind.

Imagine there is a beautiful lake, a photographer goes and takes a photo from a different angle. This photo would be considered as an artistic photograph between those in photography community. Now if hundreds of people go and take a photo from the same or similar angle, after a while nobody would be very excited by that image unless someone else take another different angle.

Art is always in transition. First it appears in a mind then it becomes visible to all then it spreads across the world. Once it becomes popular then it's no longer useful and impressive. It will appear in another mind and in different way or form.

Unfortunately art is becoming out of control. Now we are losing the sense of discerning good and bad art. Every new thing is considered as art and is allowed to be spread in society with permission of art.

if you see someone someone who is self-harming, you may feel not good and you don't want that to be seen in the society you live in but the same scene as a photograph is considered as an art and nobody complains!

These sort of arts are growing every day and the reason for that, I personally believe is growing of disbelif. 

We may lose the sense of discerning good or bad art not because of technology and availability of it but because of loosing human morality, belief and or being doubtful about our life.

If new generation grow up in a society in which no belief is existed, then their mind will be poisoned they are living a useless life, unfortunately I can see the signs. Every often I see those arts representing self-harming or full of violent and blood...Of course, I don't mean those arts that tries to criticise something or explaining a difficulty, disease and etc and that's appreciated.

Be careful about a life without disbelieving... Just think for a couple of minute and see what would happen in a world that nobody knows god and nobody cares about being punished or rewarded by their behaviour in their life! What kind of world would it be?

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