Saturday, December 8, 2012

What music do you listen?

Music is coming from the deepest layers of human brain.
What we think, believe or feel is actually converted into several sound waves, all in harmony.

Music therefore is very powerful means to affect minds because it produces the same wavelength, feelings, thoughts as the composer in the mind of listeners.

But there is an issue here! By listening to music, you or rather, your brain accepts it without any effort to logically analyze or criticize it. The result is very dangerous! You're brain frequency is in harmony with the song creator when he or she was composing it.

The outcome is that you will have and experience the same feelings, thought, believe etc.

This is even worst for children! As their brain is in training mode all the time and can be easily shaped based on whatever input is.

Now my question is, do you allow your children to watch movies that rated as M (not suitable for children under 18) ?

Do you allow your children to listen to any music? Then I have to say, this is even worst than watching a movie with violence, porn or sexual scenes.

There are many songs related to love and romance but the composers normally don't care about love! You can see what's happening in their private life! What they do care, is passion and money.

An enjoying song doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good song! Unfortunately we appreciate all of them as ART!

There are many other songs that encourage violence and we never notice about them!
If you know someone who is not reliable and trustworthy, you would be worry when they approach your children or even yourself, however, I don't see it as a danger since by speaking our brain can stop corrupted ideas from entering into our mind but with music we can't decide! In other word you're brainwashed!

Please think about this and think about your innocent children. 


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