Saturday, November 23, 2013

Can we stop a cyclone?

I'm thinking... is there a way to stop a cyclone/typhoon?

maybe we can blow a bomb of some sort in the middle of cyclone! Maybe this bomb is a special bomb that produce heat to normalize the conditions inside the cyclone?!!

But I'm more interested in something amazing... Maybe we can build some weird-form structure... a huge floating structure, maybe 2 or 3 km across.. there is a cabin in middle of it to control or move it. Whenever a cyclone is forming, we can move this man made island to place it on the way of cyclone...
This cyclone devistator has hundreds of pipes to lead any stream to the other side of it and in the opposite direction.. so it actually devides a typhoon or cyclone into pieces and brakes it down. We can also put propellers inside the pipes to scatter the force of cyclone away...

I think it worths it to spend money on this than creating weapon to kill people!   

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