Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Better Life

Now we have experienced communism, capitalism and social democracy. As you see neither of them helps.
Social democracy seems the best option but I think it's just helping capitalism!

Anyway, I don't want to criticize any of these theories and I don't know in detail about them but as I see in the world we have a class which is very rich and a class, very poor and a class in between sacrificing their life and fading themselves into hard work!

On of the most important aspect of all these movements is encouraging people and enterprises to progress technologically and create a competition. What we see in reality is a really unreasonably-fast-growing technology and science and virtual unnecessary needs and and a unhealthy competition.

If you ask anyone whether progressing in technology is good or not, definitely the answer is yes but no one asks in what price?!
Having a new iPad with faster response time than a previous version is good but is it really necessary to spend money, resources and time while we have a lot of other priorities and there are many lives in danger?!
When you go to giant super markets you see more than ten different brands of cereals, more than 30 different brands of Jams, butters, drinks etc all of which are pretty much the same!

I believe even progress should be controlled. We rush for latest technology but we are sacrificing our life, our time and all the good aspects of our life. People are working very hard, companies are thinking about money and as result, a group of people struggling their life and expenses while another group don't know how to spend their money!

In the other hand, these companies create virtual unnecessary needs for people. We could still survive if our mobile phone had no camera or touch pad!

What I am trying to say is that these features are good but it should happens in right time when the capacity for technology is achieved, when we already made sure that our community and people are safe and in healthy state and in welfare.

Our social scientists should devise a fair new modern theory to escalate all these problems. We may need to combine all other thoughts together. We may need to put a restriction on incomes. Perhaps a variable peak amount of income could save the world. This maximum amount should be based on many factors to ensure that incentives, prosperity, technological advance and people welfare are in equal and fair state.    

Some may disagree that this restriction will result in reducing incentives but I believe it helps to control the advancement of technology reasonably and prevents from consuming the resources greedily. Also one cannot stop producing if they reach the maximum amount because they still need it to proceed. Instead they delay their work so that other rivals reach them, then a new competition is to be ignited.

The other benefit is that workers are no longer victim of corporate greeds and they are not in pressure anymore. In the other hand, excessive achieved income can be spend on public services and amenities. We can use the excessive income to invest to produce new opportunities for those poor in need people.

To sum up, I am sure that there would be a better idea and methodology to create a better world with equally shared resources and facilities and the result is a very happy community in which people are much more satisfied with their life.

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