Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who is extremist?

As per Wikipedia:
"Extremism is any ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards. In democraticsocieties, individuals or groups that advocate the replacement of democracy with an authoritarian regime are usually branded extremists, in authoritarian societies the opposite applies"
But in reality each time this word is heard, our mind thinks of a religious person who believes and acts unreasonably based on their belief. However, I think this is true about those people who don't believe in anything like religion. I believe that this is unreasonable as well. Those atheists who strongly insist on their belief are extremists too. Whatever explanation they bring to prove that god doesn't exist is still subjective and based on a number of theories. For example in the Evolution Theory, there are still many facts that have not yet been proved.

All I am trying to say is that we should think out of the box and look at any question objectively rather than repeating whatever the others said. Generally speaking, Why do we think that scientists know everything? I don't want to attack to any person in this post, however, unfortunately some of them are stating their opinion as if no question has left unanswered and everything is proved and they know all the facts! Sometimes I am really surprised by their explanations!

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