Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hardships of Life

Here is a list of hardships that human suffers during their life:

While eating:
  • Eating honey
  • Peeling orange, kiwi, potato
  • Eating nuts, almond, pistachio etc
  • Banana is easy to peel and no need to wash but it's breath taking :| 
  • Collecting plates and cutleries after eating

Around house:
  • Ironing - Terrible!
  • Wearing tie
  • Tying/Untying shoe lace
  • Putting dishes in dishwasher
  • Putting things away and in fridge after shopping
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Watering flowers - Probably that's why every flower I get dies very soon!
  • Tooth flossing!
  • Paying home rent!
  • Hanging washed clothes on the rope
  • Doing up your bed

In car:
  • Filling the tank
  • Dropping car at service centre
  • Filling tires
  • Shifting to first gear! - I normally drive off with second gear
  • Reversing
  • Taking car to car wash
  • Changing the playing CD when you're tired of its song

  • Going to ticket booth at bus or train stations
  • Walking from home to station
  • Calling your GP for an appointment
  • Giving up your seat to elder people or pregnant women
  • Trying cloth, trousers in particular, while buying
  • Collecting your stuff after having picnic or a BBQ
  • Opening camera tripod and folding it!
  • Booking accommodations, flight tickets etc.
  • Leaving the lift when you get to your floor
  • Starting to walk when you get to the other end of escalators
  • Basically starting to move when you're stopped or stopping while you're moving :|
  • Applying sunscreen.

 P.S.: This list is not complete.

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