Sunday, October 21, 2012

How effective/important is UN?

Poverty, inequality, war, terrorism, chaos, mind controlling/washing, racism and many other problems in the world are products of one thing and that is the nature of politics!

You can never stay clean once you involved in politics. It's the nature of politics.

Each country urged to protect and seek their interests. All the powers compete for natural resources in a mad way.  And the victims are people. Even though those in power are human just like us, but it seems it's not about them, it's politics that rules them.

So the question is how can we get rid of this nasty stain? The answer is simple:
One nation, One interest, One planet. I know even in this case, politics is still out there, but it wouldn't be as nasty as it is now.

Now the question is who is the eligible government to rule the world? Of course UN.

Unfortunately, UN is nothing more than a flag! Whatever has been done by UN towards humanity were so weak that we can't even feel it.

How we can make it effective and drive it towards the goal above?
Obviously it's not that simple but we need to start. We need to get good people out there to make their effort to make it happen.

I believe to start, UN should begin to recruite people from around the world. A kind of membership that finally will be ended to citizenship. Everybody can join and it can be even a very small fee.
To begin with, membership is just a simple card but then we can launch a voting system.

Believe me or not, I bet at least 90 percent of the world will join and those in power are not able to prevent this!

We need to move step by step and very slowly just like a baby who tries to walk. This is because we need to increase the capacity of human simultaneously.

Please think about this and spread this idea around the world.
Don't think that you or anyone else can't help to change the world.
We shouldn't sit down and wait for someone else to decide for us.
We shouldn't wait till someone come and make a peace around the world.
It's all depend on every single person on this planet.
And every single gift in our planet belongs to all of us equally.

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